Adi & Andra in an amazing transylvanian village


   The people from Rimetea (Torockó, Eisenmarkt) benefit from two sunrises. First is the actual one, when the light rules over the darkness and the second one is when the sun shows up from behind the Szekely’s Stone. This thing happens because the protective mountain of 1168 m high is so close to the village that the sun has to work hard to rise above it. One thing is certain. From now on the sun will rise only once for Adi and Andra because they are now together.
    One more thing and I'm done: This post ends with two gifs, not one. :)



Jamborii   at   03-Sep-2014 09:51
Draga familie Boca, In eventualiatatea tragica in care creativitatea noastra nu ar mai gasi surse noi de inspiratie, ne-ar ramane oricand posibilitatea de a ne gandi la vechii prieteni si totul ar reveni instant la normal. Cu dor, Zoli si Afina
Alina Boca   at   29-Aug-2014 10:25
Draga echipa Jambor, Observam cu multa bucurie ca de la un eveniment la altul deveniti tot mai creativi si mai buni! Va felicitam cu sinceritate si ne e dor de voi! Alina si Costi
dragos   at   28-Aug-2014 10:18
this is pure creativity!
Adrian Toma   at   28-Aug-2014 10:03
Multumim mult Jambor, Zoli si Afina, sunteti cei mai buni!!
bianca   at   28-Aug-2014 09:44
frumoase poze...superba locatie!