Antonio & Alina


In the evening before the wedding, we met with Antonio & Alina to talk about things they like to do and enjoy. One of those was skateboarding so we thought what a fun would be to have a photoshoot with a skate! At the very first jump, an "accident" happened. Instead of seeing the tragic part, the devil in me saw only the funny part: what if we would make a picture with the groom jumping and acting like he just found out that his pants cracked. Said and done! Since the bride and groom both work in advertising, they enjoyed the ideea.
Their wedding invitation was an exploding confetti box which we knew it would be fun to use some pictures so we took some 10-15 with us and opened them up one by one. Thank you Radu & Laura for helping us dealing with the confettis!
The playstation, groom prep and pictures 36 and 57 were made by my trustworthy contributor Dan