Cristi & Laura


Cristi and Laura stick to us like a bur. We photographed them as they graduated from high school, we took photos of them being head over heels in love with each other as they decided to get married and we were happy to hear they wanted us to shoot their wedding. What conclusion did we draw knowing all these?  That Cristi and Laura trust us, so... we took advantage :). More specifically... on the Big Day we decided to break and enter a place we were having a crush on for a while. Please don't get us wrong. We're not speaking of the National Theater from Arad, nor the Police department, nor the City Hall, nor somebody's private house. We're speaking of a building that looked kinda abandoned, but it had great potential. So... Cristi and Laura agreed and Laura said she would even  climb the fence if necessary :). She didn't have to because we found a regular way in through a door that was open and we were lucky not to encounter any dogs.

What can we say? It was worth it and we were rewarded with delicious raw vegan mini cakes and with plenty of smiles and fun games at the wedding reception which gave us inspiration for the day :).

The after wedding photo session was less of a thriller but we can't say this time it was easy to reach the place as we had to go off road for a while and climb some hills :). Cristi, next time you'll have the honor of taking mud drifts and we promise we will trash not only the dress you want us to trash but also Zoli's Canon equipment:)