Csabi & Sorina


Some of our clients are patient, some of them are more eager to see the photos from their wedding and some of them are like Sorina and Csabi who decided to come to Cluj and make us wonder if there was a silent question in their visit. :) At first we thought they just like us and want to grab a beer, but when we heard that they were visiting again Zoli had some realy big question marks in his mind. No, not even for one moment did he think that they are visiting to ask about the photos (we already knew that Ioana, their godmother was a lot better at that job). There was something else going on in Zoli's mind. Some big existential questions. He thought that maybe they liked his jokes too much and couldn't stay away for too long, or maybe Sorina had too many things in common with Afina, or maybe, just maybe he had found his Hungarian soulmate in Csabi... We have no ideea. That's why we wait for their next visit to sort things out.