Razvan & Andrea's big YES and their Tarnita lake party


No, I wasn’t looking for lice or dandruff in the head of the marital status officer when I took the photo of Razvan saying the most decided YES we ever heard. The depth of field resulted was caused by our “broken” lens.

It’s good to have a granny with you at the party. You never know when you need a safety pin, penknife,  screwdriver, pen, comb or tic-tac.

We became saviors, but first we needed salvation because our boat broke down in the middle of the lake, breaking down our photo session as well. Until the poor saviors reached us with their water bikes Razvan managed to resurrect our boat, so we trailed our saviors back to the shore.

The party decorations were made by Andrea and, honestly, we were impressed. No, the fact that the dipper didn’t fit the lemonade jar was not her fault. :)